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Last Updated: 22 December 2014

Welcome to This site is about Canadian maritime law, shipping law, marine law, fisheries law, the law of marine insurance and the law of the sea, ships and shipping. On this page you will find recent items and cases of interest.

This site is maintained by Christopher Giaschi of Giaschi & Margolis. The Fisheries Pages are maintained by Brad Caldwell of Caldwell & Co. Please contact us with your comments or suggestions.



New Summaries

Summaries have been updated to end of August 2014 and I have added a paper compilation of summaries of cases between August 2013 and September 2014. The paper was presented at the Vancouver open meeting of the CMLA on 17 September 2014. That paper can be found here.

Updated: 2014-09-17 10:03:41

Developments in Canadian Maritime Law 01/2013 - 04/2014

We have completed summaries of cases decided in 2013 and the first few months of 2014. To view or download the paper containing all of the summaries go to the Papers section of the site or click here. (Note: This paper has been revised to include two cases that were omitted from an earlier version. The added cases are 2014 FC132 and 2014 FC 136 both involving Westshore Terminals Limited as plaintiff and Leo Ocean S.A. as defendant. I really do not have an excuse for omitting these cases from the first draft of the paper as I was one of the counsel in both matters.)

Updated: 2014-05-30 15:19:45

Lawyer Rankings

Chambers & Partners, one of the more respected directories that ranks lawyers and law firms, has again ranked Christopher Giaschi as a Band 1 lawyer in Shipping. The Chambers rankings can be found here.

L'Expert, another notable lawyer ranking service, ranks Giaschi & Margolis as a "Leading Firm" in British Columbia for Shipping and Maritime Law and ranks Christopher Giaschi as "Most Frequently Recommended". The L'Expert rankings can be found here.

Updated: 2014-03-27 10:14:57

New Cases

We've added links to some new cases on the right.

Updated: 2014-01-29 13:25:05

Developments in Canadian Maritime Law 2012-2013

We have added the paper Developments in Canadian Maritime Law 2012-2013. A version of this paper was presented at the Annual Seminar of the Canadian Maritime Law Association held in Toronto on 7 June 2013. The paper contains summaries of cases decided between January 2012 and April 2013. To view/download the paper go to the Papers section of the sight or click here.

Updated: 2013-06-27 15:06:46

New Summaries

Summaries for cases decided in 2012 and the first quarter of 2013 are complete.

Updated: 2013-04-16 18:17:05

New Summary - Agreement to Insure

We have added a new summary relating to a case decided in 2011 which was missed in our annual review of 2011 cases. The case is Lafarge Canada Inc. v. JJM Construction Ltd., 2011 BCCA 453 and the summary can be found here.

Updated: 2012-11-14 11:37:26

Site Update Complete

The update of is now complete. All of our summaries have been moved to databases to improve searching and organization. There are approximately 980 summaries that are contained in our databases. We hope you find the changes to be useful.

Updated: 2012-08-21 12:14:48

Site Update Underway

Please be advised that we are in the process completely updating this site. Specifically, all of our summaries are being moved to a database which will allow for better organization and easier searching. There may be some glitches until the transition is completed, for which we apologize.

Updated: 2012-08-20 11:12:59

Case Management in the Federal Court

We have added a paper prepared by Chris Giaschi entitled Case Management in the Federal Court which was presented at a Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal Practice seminar on 9 March 2012. See the Papers page for a copy of the paper

Updated: 2012-08-20 11:12:28

New Summaries 2011-2012

We have completed the summaries of cases decided between 1 January 2011 and 31 March 2012. The paper in pdf format is located here. The individual case summaries have not yet been added to the appropriate subject pages of the site.

Updated: 2012-08-20 11:09:20

Construction Mortgage - Entitlement of Purchaser/Mortgagee to Return of Advances

Offshore Interiors Inc.  v. Worldspan Marine Inc., 2015 FCA 46 2013 FC 1266  Summary

In Rem Proceedings - Constructive Trust - Whether Alleged Proceeds of Fraud used to Construct Vessel Support In Rem Action

Harry Sargeant III v. Al-Saleh,  2014 FCA 302  Summary

Offences - Criminal Negligence - Sentencing

R. v. Lilgert, 2014 BCCA 493 2013 BCSC 1329  Summary

Supply of Bunkers in Brazil to Time Chartered Vessel - Applicable Law - Whether Supplier has Lien - Liability of Owner In Personam

Norwegian Bunkers AS v.  Boone Star Owners Inc.,  2014 FC 1200  Summary

Jurisdiction - FOB Contract of Sale - Liability of Vendor/Shipper to Indemnify Purchaser/Charterer for Demurrage and other Expenses

AK Steel Corporation v. Acelormittal Mines Canada Inc., 2014 FC 287 2014 FC 118  Summary

Damage to Vessel Caused by Grinding Dust - Liability

0871768 B.C. Ltd. v. Aestival (Vessel),  2014 FC1047  Summary

Liens and Mortgages - Ranking of Administration Charge - CCAA Trumps Canadian Maritime Law

Worldspan Marine Inc. v. Caterpillar Financial Services, Boale Wood & Company, 2014 BCCA 419 2013 BCSC 1593  Summary

Personal Injury - Gangway Accident - Liability of Dock Owner

Ranjbar v. Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines,  2014 BCSC 1983  Summary

Vessel Damaged Falling from Cradle - Bailment - Exclusion Clause - Spoliation of Evidence - Survey Costs as Damages

Forsey v. Burin Peninsula Marine Service Centre,  2014 FC 974  Summary

Practice - Whether agreement to accept LOU vitiated by mistake? - Can more than one sister ship be arrested?

Westshore Terminals Limited v. Leo Ocean S.A. (The Cape Apricot), 2014 FCA 231 2014 FC 136  Summary

Personal Injury - Dependants Claims - Applicable Limitation Period - Bereavement Claim under Alberta Statute

Toney v. Canada,  2014 ABQB 585  Summary

Action vs insurance broker - Applicability of Canadian Maritime Law - Jurisdiction

Coastal Float Camps Ltd. v. Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada Inc.,  2014 FC 906  Summary

Passengers - Athens Convention

Gaudet v. Navigation Madelaine Inc.,  2014 QCCS 4106  Summary

Athens Convention - Limitation Period - Provincial Limitation Laws not Applicable - Change in legislation not given retrospective effect - No Discretion to Extend Limitation Period - Choice of Provincial Law in Contract

Malcolm v. Shubenacadie Tidal Bore Rafting Park Limited,  2014 NSSC 217  Summary

Judicial Sale - Depreciating Asset

Offshore Interiors Inc. v. Worldspan Marine Inc., 2014 FC 655 2014 FC 625  Summary

Pleadings- Motion to Strike - Expiry of Limitation Period - Continuation of Earlier Action

Adventure Tours Inc. v. St. John's Port Authority, 2014 FCA 172 2012 FC 592  Summary

Pleadings - Striking - In Rem Actions - Arrest - Shareholder Dispute - Federal Court Jurisdiction

General MPP Carriers Ltd. v. SCL Bern AG,  2014 FC 571  Summary

Marine Insurance - Ship Repairer's Legal Liability - Application of Provincial Laws - "Faulty Design" Exception - Notice of Loss Requirement

Verreault Navigation Inc. v. The Continental Casualty Company,  2014 QCCS 2879  Summary

Pleasure Craft Collision - Apportionment of Liability - Liability of Owner - Failure to Keep Lookout - Alcohol

Atkinson (Guardian ad litem of) v. Gypsea Rose (Ship),  2014 BCSC 1017  Summary

Discovery - Privilege - Appeals - Whether Order of Prothonotary Discretionary

Webasto (Hagedorn) v. Shasta Equities Ltd. (The Helios), 2015 FCA 135 2013 FC 101  Summary

Booking Note - Charters - Arbitration Clause - Stay of Proceedings - Appeals - Standard of Review

Comtois International Exports Inc. v. Livestock Express BV, 2014 FC 475 2013 FC 1239  Summary

Damage to Ship during Lifting Operation - Bailment - Presumption of Liability - Exclusion Clauses

Capitaines Propriétaires de la Gaspésie (A.C.P.G.) Inc. v.  Pêcheries Guy Laflamme Inc.,  2014 FC 456  Summary

Judicial Review of Port Authority Decision Denying Application to Operate Tour Boat - Public Right of Navigation

Adventure Tours Inc. v. St. John's Port Authority,  2014 FC 420  Summary

Collisions – Cutting of Submarine Cable – Liability – Limitation - Meaning of "Such Loss" - Insurance – Wilful Misconduct

Peracomo Inc. v. Telus Communications, 2014 SCC 29 2012 FCA 199  Summary

Collisions - Pilotage - Whether pilot with expired certificate is a licensed pilot - - Liability of Ship Owner if Pilot not licensed

Westshore Terminals Limited v. Leo Ocean S.A. (The Cape Apricot),  2014 FC 132  Summary

Substitution vs Addition of Party After Limitation Period Expiry - Applicable Limitation Period to claim by Passenger Against Repairer - s. 140 MLA and Discoverability

Sperling v. The Queen of Nanaimo,  2014 BCSC 326  Summary

Domestic Carriage - Application of Hague-Visby Rules - Dangerous Goods - Liability of Shipper for Damage Caused to Ship

Oceanex Inc. v. Praxair Canada Inc.,  2014 FC 6  Summary

Pleasure Craft Accident – Personal Injury – Applicable Limitation Period – Date From Which s.140 MLA Limitation Period Runs - Application of Provincial Laws

G.B. v. L. Bo,  2014 QCCS 18  Summary

Stays Pending Appeal

Byatt International SA v. Canworld Shipping Company Limited,  2013 BCCA 558  Summary

Personal Injury - Trials - Bifurcation

Woodbury v. Woodbury,  2013 ONSC 7736  Summary

Insolvency Proceedings - Judicial Sale of Ship -Competing Jurisdiction of Federal Court and Provincial Superior Court

Roynat Inc v. Phoenix Sun Shipping Inc,  2013 ONSC 7308  Summary

In Rem Actions - Arrest - Setting Aside - Whether Grinding Dust Damage is Damage Done by a Ship

081768 BC Ltd v. The Ship Aestival,  2013 FC 899  Summary

Insolvency of Intermediate Charterer - Entitlement of Owner to Sub-Freight

Byatt International S.A. v. Canworld Shipping Company Limited,,  2013 BCCA 427  Summary

Federal Court Jurisdiction- Crown Immunity - Federal Court Has No Jurisdiction Over Province

Alberta (Canada) v. Toney, 2013 FCA 217 2012 FC 1412  Summary

Tug and Tow - Vicarious Liability of Vessel for Damage caused by Tug - Collisions - Limitation of Liability

Grieg Shipping A/S v. Fortune Marine Ltd. (The Dubai Fortune), 2013 FCA 218 2012 FC 1110  Summary

Summary Judgment - Foreign Judgment - Sufficiency of Evidence - Mortgage Enforcement

Lakeland Bank v. The Ship Never E Nuff,  2013 FC 864  Summary

Canadian Maritime Law - Application of Provincial Statutes - Workers Compensation

Marine Services International Ltd. v. Ryan Estate, 2013 SCC 44 2011 NLCA 42  Summary

Canadian Maritime Law - Application of Provincial Statutes - Sale of Vessel - Misrepresentation

9171-7702 Quebec Inc. v. Canada,  2013 FC 832  Summary

Jurisdiction - Sale of Property not in Canada

SDV Logistiques (Canada) Inc. v. Dieselgenset Type 8M 25, Engine No. 45085 EX the Barge Andrea,  2013 FC 671  Summary

Stays of Proceedings - Second action Pending - Setting Aside Arrest

Quin-Sea Fisheries Limited v. The Broadbill I ,  2013 FC 575  Summary

Jurisdiction Clauses - Stays of Proceedings - Forwarding Agents

DHL Global Forwarding (Canada) Inc. v. CMA-CGM S.A.,  2013 FC 534  Summary

Carriage by Sea - Application of Hague-Visby Rules - In Rem Actions - Change of Ownership - Damage Done by a Ship

The Mercury XII (aka Wells Fargo) v. The MLT-3, 2013 FCA 96 2012 FC 738  Summary

Priorities - Whether s.139 MLA applies to construction of ships? - Meaning of Foreign Ship - Whether personal liability of owner required?

Comfact Corporation v. Hull 717, 2013 FCA 93 2012 FC 1161  Summary

Judicial Sales - Priorites - Costs - Procedure in Priorities Disputes

Cameco Corporation v. The MCP Altona,  2013 FC 177  Summary

Montreal Convention - Limitation of Liability - Requirement of Notice

Durunna v. Air Canada,  2013 ABPC 31  Summary

Judicial Review – Application to Strike – Port Authority Powers

Adventure Tours Inc. v. St. John's Port Authority, 2013 FC 55  2012 FC 305  Summary

Liens - Mortgages - Priorities - Necessaries Lien - Salvage Convention

Cameco Corp. v. The MCP Altona,  2013 FC 23  Summary

Assessment of Sheriff's Costs

TAM International Inc. v. The MCP Altona, 2013 FC 9 2012 FC 1168  Summary

Offences – Canada Shipping Act Violations

R.  v. Ralph, 2013 NLCA 1 2011 NLTD 10  Summary